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Powerfull and convenient

I use TextWrangler to develop my personal website. I just love using this retina-compatible app :) TextWrangler provides me with all the tool I need to type HTML5 and CC3 code, even Javascript and Jquery. To be recommended

Works well with yosemete

Actually, it has never crashed on me in years, but for one occasion when I opened a 20 MB file by accident :) I have repaired hufe files with the search and replace, debugged buggy html, all sorts of thinks. Never without. And it’s free. App Store, btw, should show you ALL reviews, international. Censoring it to one country is contra productive.

Amazing text editor

I have been using TW for a few years now and love it as much today as I always have. Great Work !!!

Just excellent

One of the best text editor i ever used (both Mac and Windows landscape). A must have for all mac users.

Do what it is supposed to do.

Saved a lot of time for me.

Clipboard El Capitan

The app is excelent. Obs. Copy and Past are not working on El Capitan.

Perfect but...

The last version changes the order of Current Open Documents…!


thanks for making such a great app for free!


I love it. Coding PHP is a dream with this edior. Thanks!

Amazingly Powerful

This is an amazingly powerful text editor if you consider it is free. It helped me many times with all sorts of text manipulations.

Need a uni-dev tool? Use TextWrangler!

This product has saved lots of time in debugging code because of its very efficient syntax highlighting. Although, on shell scripts, the highlighting of multi-line strings isnt working correctly yet. However, the rest works like a charm! There is one feature, that I see in the screenshot that isnT appearing for me. I cant load whole folders in my side bar. Well, make the programm 10.8 ready, and nothing can go wrong anymore ^.^

what a pity

Im missing the old printing features (line numbering on/off etc.), apart from that its still a very helpful tool :)

Still waiting for Retina support...

Thhis free editor is one of the best tools you might find… but it still misses Retina support and looks terrible on the new MacBook Pro. Not even the text itself is sharp.


Please update the app for Retina Display, it looks terrible. otherwise a very good app, simple yet effective, clean interface and easy to learn.

Great tool...

… which is rendered virtually useless for me due to the App Stores sandboxing restrictions: Authenticated saves arent permitted anymore - back to the direct download, good bye App Store…

Please support Retina displays!

This editor is great and its free. But please add support for retina displays. Currently its awful to work with. Thanks :-)

no retina support

what a disappointment on a new MBP… Its a text editor, and the text is just ugly...

since the latest updade not very useful

Since latest update it crashes quite often. (even when its just running in background)

best search and replace function

incredible fast even with hugh files (eg db dumps). best functionality for search and replace

Excellent all around text editor

I am always on the lookout for the best text editor around. TextWrangler remains my favourite. Get it, you will be impressed. Here are a few reasons why Pros: + Excellent implementation of GREP and Regular Expressions. + Awesome text colourization + Vertical text manipulation support + Multiple file search and replace + Auto file backup every time you save + Very customizable + Built in command line tools + Its Free! + Too many to list them all Cons: - I wish the developers would implement tabs for documents instead of a document drawer

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